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छात्र - क्रिएटिव कॉर्नर          
Celebrate the festive season without crackers .Say no to crackers

This Diwali ,before you fire your crackers , close your eyes and think for a moment that how much damage you are causing to your environment ,particularly to your own society or more particularly to your own grand parents and little brothers.

With Diwali around the corner , the wide blast of crackers or more imperatively fire crackers has started from a week earlier.Every time you go to market or go to a playground or go just for morning or evening walks before diwali you get your choked with the harmful gases emerging from those fire-crackers.Not only air pollution , crackers constitute a large proportion of noise pollution as well . Therefore , a sensible attitude towards this has become quite essential.

Let us look at some of the harmful effects and aspects of crackers .Generally , crackers contain harmful and toxic elements .

These elements can be life threatening to the patients of diseases like asthma , bronchitis ,etc.Particularly to the small-newborn- babies, the gases emitted may choke their small and delicate lungs very badly.Further , the foremost risk of firing crackers is to get burnt yourself.Some small children may get excited at the sound and being innocent and gullible , can approach the crackers and get burnt.

From the point of view of noise pollution the problem is still worse.Crackers that make a noise of more than 125 decibels at four metres distance from the point of bursting are banned by the law. Given here are the hazards posed by excessive noise pollution caused by crackers:

  1. Hearing loss, high blood pressure, heart attack and sleeping disturbances.
  2. Sudden exposure to loud noise could cause temporary deafness or permanent relative deafness.

The crackers can generate enough noise for us to become deaf . The high amount of noise can lead to the rupturing of the ear drum which will lead to permanent deafness . Also there can be very much disturbance in the studies of those hardworking students whose exams might be approaching.The major problems caused due to this aspect are generally headache , migraine , temper tantrums , irritability or nervousness. Insomnia and stresses are among others .

A point to realize is that all man made items are made out of materials that come from Nature. Be it plastic, metal, paper or cloth - all of these raw materials come directly from nature. Therefore use of crackers on Diwali generates wastes which are relatively harmful to dispose off.

So , if it is such , then are these --- \"CRACKERS OR PRACTICALLY QUAKERS?\"

Further , before firing a cracker , just think about who made them ? If we look a little deeply , we\'ll find that they are none other than the child - labourers. We must think then that , have they chosen themselvesfor such a situation ? The answer would be obviously no.To face what they \'re facing now isn\'t in their own hands , but they are forced to work overtime in the factories , where the conditions of work are highly hazardous. They are also prone to sexual and moral abuse. Can we still fire crackers on realising this apalling reality ? Our conscience will bind us morally from enjoying the fun of crackers in the plight of those children who may had wished to be like us.

In fact , no goddess Lakshmi will be happy at such alarming conditions on Diwali.

Before buying crackers this year just think that we may be contributing to their exploitation by buying products and services, which actually involves young children. This is not the real picture of true India where the future of it is itself so brutally moulded.

I would like to salute the spirit of those people who voluntary don\'t burn crackers and who would pledge not to burn crackers after reading this article. Children are like soon to be made earthen pots that will be moulded the way we want them to. We would surely not like to see India \'s future moulded this way, as this way we are only teaching them to be slaves.

Therefore , the real spirit is to \" say no to crackers this diwali\".


I am the killer plastic bag

About my deeds,I like to brag.

I come in blue,yellow and red,

And animals that eat me are dead.

I am here there and everywhere,

I destroy everything without care

I am made of high density polythene.

And everyone says that I am mean.

I am used in shop,houses and trains.

I also choke rivers and drains.

Being non degradable,I litter the soil,

And release toxins,Thus the earth I spoil.

But the goverment is banning my use,

And this battle,I thing I will lose.